How is ISIS recruiting women?

CNN: “ISIS lures women with kittens, Nutella”

Fact-check by Punditfact

CNN showed its audience a graphic that said, “ISIS LURES WOMEN WITH KITTENS, NUTELLA.” ISIS supporters create and promote propaganda messages that are more slickly produced and reach wider audiences than efforts from other terrorist groups. But to say they use kittens and nutella to target women is incomplete and misleading. ISIS uses many tactics to persuade people to give up their lives for their fight, experts said. The real motivations for someone joining the fight run much deeper and are connected to the pursuit of identity and purpose. To boil down ISIS’ recruitment strategy of women to nutella and kittens is a vast oversimplification that borders on the absurd. There is a shred of truth to this claim but not much beyond that. We rate it Mostly False.

Read the full fact-check here.

Photo: CNN graphic


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