Is the share of women in political decision-making roles less than 20%?

Federica Mogherini “Despite the 30% target of women at decision-making levels that we endorsed in 1995, today women represent less than 20% of members of national parliaments, and even less among government ministers. Overall in the EU women occupy less than a third of political decision-making positions”

Fact-check by FactCheckEU

Federica Mogherini is the closest the European Union has to a foreign minister. In a video message to a gathering in Santiago de Chile, she decried the slow progress made in increasing female representation in politics. The picture is slightly less bleak than the one indicated by Ms. Mogherini. Women represented 22.1% of all parliamentarians as of January 1st 2015, according to data by the Inter-Parliamentary Union. She is more precise on the share of ministers (17% worldwide) but a little fuzzier in terms of women in political decision-making roles in the EU. In fact, women are 37% of all Members of the European Parliament, but only 32% of the Commissioners, 28% of members of national parliaments and the same share of government ministers across the EU28. Her statement is imprecise but not incorrect: “Almost”.

Read the full fact-check here.

Photo: EEAS on Flickr


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