30 Inch Roulette Wheel Critical

Have you ever visited the casinos of Las Vegas or along the Eastern Seaboard in many other Southern cities? All the casinos offer what is known as a Big Six Wheel or a Six Wheel Wheel. If you go to casinos then you are going to find there are a number of different types of roulette wheels present. However, what are the differences between the various types of these wheels?

30 Inch Roulette Wheel

The 30 inch wheel is the ideal wheel for many people. Why is this, you may ask? Because the ball comes closest to the center of the wheel which means you have a better chance of winning when you bet on black or red or odds or evens. As well, the table is a lot easier to balance when you play on a wheel that is larger than others.

The problem with the 30 inch wheel is that the ball can become stuck on the inside rail of the wheel and this will cause you to lose a lot of money if you are not careful.

Six Figure Roulette Wheel

Now if you have ever seen the roulette table in action you will notice there are a lot of figures that are painted on the table. These include 00, numbers 1 to 36, a two through sign, and a ton more. Although the idea of placing a bet and spinning it to see if the ball stops on a certain number is a enticing one, for many people their wheel of choice is the six figure wheel.

The six figure wheel is perfect for the neighborhood game because no matter what bet you place, you will have a good shot of winning. Although the odds are not in your favor, this is better than betting on what the ball will land all over the table.

The 30 inch wheel just picks up the balls and balls go everywhere, so it is difficult to predict where it will go. Sure, you can stick it in a random spot, but there is nothing certain when the ball loses momentum and drops into one of the slots on the table.

The Six Figure Roulette Wheel is a decent wheel for the price, but if you want a more realistic experience stick to the thirty inch wheel.

Thirty Inch Roulette Wheel – Best Wheel For the Mega88 Room

The thirty inch roulette wheel will be the best wheel for the poker room. Why? Because the ball travels a lot faster on a wheel with this much travel connection, giving you a lot more spins per hour. This is very important information to have in your wheel of choice because more spins means more money.

You will find in your search for the best wheel for your next big game of roulette that people base the number of wheels on the skill level of the players. Of course you will find a wheel with a lot of balls on it, but you might not be able to attract the type of player you want, so you will want to search for a wheel with fewer wheels.

Thirty inch wheel will also be the perfect wheel for an home game. The thirty inch wheel has the right sized numbers and is just the ticket for a party. The fact that the ball travels a lot faster on a wheel with this much travel mass will cause the ball to jump a lot further on the wheel. So if you have a client visit you casino and you want them to be able to bet over and over again, look at a thirty inch wheel.

You can also get wheels in twenty-four inch increments if you are designing a wheel for a youth casino. Nothing is as fun as a wheel that has letters and numbers that go around the wheel.

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