A Winning Poker Strategy - How to Play AK

Let’s say you’re playing poker on the world-wide-web and you’re holding an AK – the best pre-flop holding in poker. How should you play AK? Read on and discover this now.

AK is a very potent hand pre-flop, not only because of its high2000$ payouts but also because of its intriguing game play. No matter how you play AK, you’ll always have to deal with two key issues.

How should you play AK?

For those new to dewabet, it might be rather confusing to play AK first, especially when you’re playing without any cards to back it up. Any player who’s ever done well with a big hand in poker usually never plays the AK pre-flop; you always play it aggressively, and you always make people pay for your premium hand.

That said, if you’re not currently teeming with intuition while playing poker, you can always comfortably play AK with the best hand (which is the Big Blind) and take comfort in the fact that, even in blind situations, you will always make people pay to continue playing your hand.

If you’re playing poker online, you can also find a lot of poker training tools online that will help you improve your game with every hand you play. Read on and choose what tools you want to use to refine your poker skills – and then take those techniques to the tables and practice your poker skills.

First, you should play very few hands pre-flop. Let’s say you’re playing a limit game. Players are generally more likely to limp in with a hand like AK than other hands like QQ or JJ, so you should not play every hand you get. Instead of calling big bets pre-flop, you should either be very aggressive or you should simply be folding all the hands that are weaker than the Big Blind.

When you do play a hand, you should be raising in position and in blinds with a raise of 3-5BBs. Some players think it’s too important to play a hand like AT, but the problem is that the short stacks will call you with any old rubbish just because they’re hoping to get a flop.

In position, it’s perfectly fine to call a raise if you have a solid hand (JJ, AQ, etc) but if anyone re-raises, you should fold the hand. In blinds, you should raise 3-5BBs if no one has raised before you. It’s fine to make a re-raise, but if there’s a bigger raise before you, you should fold the AK.

In position, you should play aggressively with a wide range of hands. If you have a solid hand, you should always raise in position. If you don’t hit the flop, you should simply lay down the hand.

In the blinds, you should only limp if no one has raised and you can represent a strong hand. If you’re in late position and no one has raised (before or after you), you can even call small raises, but it should be done in position. Hands like AQ and pocket pairs are worth pushing all-in with pre-flop.

Late position is where you want to play your strong hands. If no one has raised in front of you, you should definitely push a flop if you’re the one in the small blind, but you should be very careful with hands like A8 or A2. If you’re in late position, you can call small raises with small pairs and small connectors. If you’re in early position, you can call with big pairs.

When you’re in the small blind, you should be getting a long shot of medium pairs or better. In the small blind, you’re guaranteed to be in late position so you can call small raises or if no one has raised in front of you. Hands like AQ, AK and 88 are worth pushing all-in with if no one has raised in front of you.

In the large blind, you should be playing only premium hands. It’s fine to call small raises with suited cards like 6s or 9s, but you should be very careful with other marginal hands like 32 or 75. Even if you’re in late position, you should be transcending your hand to hit the flop. In the large blind, if no one has raised in front of you, you can play with a wide range of hands. You have the two highest card values in your deck and you can even draw hands such as a suited Q in position if you’ll hit a monster.

In position, you should play tight if you’re playing in the first two positions and loosen up if you’re playing from the blinds. In the blinds, you should play a wider range of hands in position and with a larger chip stack.

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