Software For Poker - What You Need to Know

Ever wondered why Poker Stars is one of the best poker websites in the world? Ever since they introduced their software for poker, most other poker sites have tried to copy its style. Yet, most of what we might consider to be ‘ RBI Poker clients ‘ are actually just derivatives of the original PokerStars software, with copied graphics and even some renamed subroutines and algorithms.

Why is that? Well, the simple answer is that PokerStars did what everyone else failed to do – they stood out in a market full of competition and did what had to be done to gain market share. They made a great advertising campaign for themselves, PTN did an incredibly ethical and powerful PR campaign for them, but that was about it.

So, when people started complaining about the software offering, most of the Indies, which at the time were still playing poker online, jumped on the band wagon and helped make PokerStars the industry leader they are today.

If you’ve ever thought about the scandal that the marketing company most famous for ‘GTupid’ is now infamous for – hopefully you won’t be angry or feels sympathy for Party Poker.

So, what about the actual game? Well, we’re sure it was an easy decision for me to choose between the two poker networks, and I’m glad I chose PokerStars over Party Poker.

I like to play ring games for real money, rather than tournament poker. Most of the poker sites that offer tournament action tend to be very expensive, so I stick to playing ring games for cash.

I like to play mixed games including a few hole/limited short-handed ring games and tournaments. I like to mix it up and play in both fixed limit and no limit games.

I like to try new games and test out new strategies. I’m a very unpredictable player and very comfortable at either playing limit or no limit poker.

So, what brings me to Dewacasino? Well, I believe its the ease and availability of play. You have two choices in every game – sign up for a tournament or a sit and go ( tattoo!. . . ready for the fun . . . I definitely know I wasn’t paying much attention when I was doing this, so hopefully you won’t be so unlucky).

For ring games, you can play with depositing money or using the Fun account. It is the safest way to play big poker games online without having to be worried about losing your money. Plus, you can watch the action happen and adjust to your opponents as it happens. This is also Situation #04, you can adjust to different opponents as the game shapes up.

The Sit and Go tournaments on PokerStars are nice, but not as encompassing as the ring games. You know the rules by heart and have a good feel for what the players are doing, but when you get to the big money, players tend to play very differently online and you have learn to adjust your play to different people and table conditions.

Unlike the ring games, the Sit and Go tournaments have a short timer and if you don’t make it in the first half, you lose your buy in. This makes them a little more appealing in my opinion. Best of all, the first half is just as quick as the second half.

All in all, I like both variations of poker a lot. I play both and I love both. I play both and I love both. If you’re a ring game player, PokerStars has several thousand players and some very loose tables. Sit and Go tournaments have a short life span, but I like those odds. In the end, they both should meet up and make some money somehow, and that hasn’t happened yet.

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