Texas Holdem - What Cards Should I Play

This question is not posed merely to generate some idle chatter, but rather to get a better handle on the activity so called “Dewavegas“. In thisner sessionI will refer to playing the game of Texas Holdem as “no limit holdem poker” when the no limit portion is raised to any amount of dollars.

I will illustrate this by using an example of a game between two contenders for a college basketball match-up.

Probationary periods are periods of relative no risk involving lower wagers with the prospect of later wagering. During this period of time many novice players are still trying to grasp the game and must be afforded every opportunity to do so.

During this period of time bettors are still learning how to play Texas holdem and even some experienced players are still not very comfortable wagering lower limits such as 20% or 25% of their bankroll on one round of betting.

A strategy that a majority of good players will follow is to begin the betting as soon as the cards have been dealt. That provides no tells as to the cards that may have been drawn.

It is possible to take this strategy one step further and begin to formulate a strategy for the round of Texas holdem poker you are playing in. How to do this is a topic for a different article.

Whether you are playing “5- card stud” or “Texas Holdem” you need to use your own “beginner’s strategy” and do not allow anyone to beat you for cheap in any game.

In poker, the more you practice, the more you get better at. If you do not practice you will just keep increasing your mistakes until they finally catch up with you.

In addition to the absolute necessities of practice, some tried and true tips for Texas holdem are:

  • Bluffing. This can be a very powerful weapon in your arsenal. But remember to only bluff very infrequently and when you decide to do so. Anytime you get caught bluffing, you are probably overreacting and need to calm down.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to win a pot. Even if you have the best hand sometimes it’s worth throwing away, because the amount of time you are going to spend to find the right hand is too great a risk.
  • Learn to read your opponents. Analyze their playing styles, their cards, their betting patterns and more. You can probably beat anyone at your table with this information.
  • If you have an ace, definitely raise it. At least force the play.Raising can win games even when someone has the best hand, provides competition. Raising does assure you have a better hand however, it’s not a necessary move.
  • Play some free online blackjack games and beat the casino. Human players just seem to get frustrated by this game so it’s easier for you to go to a casino and win. This is possible because Blackjack is a game of statistics. The longer you play the more sure you are the chances you have of winning.

Craps is a great game to play for some casino fun. If you’re bored with poker you can beat the crap out of the casino and have some fun.

If you follow these tips you will have fun and a lot of casino fun. These tips will make your casino fun even more. You can when for a spin on your casino adventure.

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